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Open Door Realty Property Management LLC understands the importance an honest listing agent in Columbia, SC, plays in the overall success of real estate dealings. Our team complies with a professional code of ethics that attest to industry excellence. We are an independent brokerage firm that makes certain our potential customers know about any property defect, like an out-of-reach wall crack or leaky pipes. We provide a full property disclosure on every listing. 
Some of our properties are listed “as is” to highlight the fact that property owners are not held liable for any future repair bills and/or other concerns. These listings can be confusing, so we highly recommend customers discuss matters with our knowledgeable team. It is important to note that this designation does not mean the property is subpar. It likely is just in need of some type of improvement. 
We can arrange for your home to be a featured listing. A number of factors come into play to obtain this prestige placement, but we are ready to help whenever possible. Ask us for further details about what qualifications, stipulations, or other details are needed. 
Our team is highly qualified to market your home. We consider ourselves wordsmiths that know how to optimize the English language to list residential homes in a matter that benefits our customers. After learning about the home firsthand, our skilled writers will define the homes for sale in a manner that makes readers pick up the phone and call us.
Well-written listings, that contain enticing photographs, bring attention to properties. Let the team at Open Door Reality Property Management show its expertise in this area. 

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